Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why 4Di?

One of the greatest challenges for our education establishments today is to try and anticipate what are the skills and knowledge this next generation would need and try adapt our systems fast enough to deliver them a meaningful education.

Education is most effective when the learner is engaged and motivated. Schools are challenged with a mindshare which even entertainment providers feel daunted to engage. While entertainment companies are relying on far greater budgets and more preparation, educational content and systems have to compete with this and still need to be able to change constantly.

Schools today need to have a smaller teacher to student ratio. This is in itself a big challenge given that in the fall of 2009 a record approximately 55 million students will receive elementary and secondary education in approximately 125,000 schools in the United States.

Further the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) forecasts new records every year through to 2017 and beyond. The educational fraternity therefore is being compelled to turn to technology to meet with this combination of rapid growth and greater need for adaptability and engagement.

4Di is a turnkey solution designed from ground up to address the above challenges. It is the cutting edge of technology providing an immersive, social, multi modal experience to the students’ which is superior to even generic entertainment systems available today.

It is built for use with diverse pedagogies with compliance with a wide array of international educational and assessment technology standards and works with and improves delivery of existing educational content and also provides tools and libraries to easily create rich and engaging content right in the hands of the teachers.

It will be offered to the schools in an innovative schema which requires no capital outlay on their part and come with change management and complete and hassle free support and maintenance.
The Solution was selected for the Future Schools initiative by the Ministry of Education and supported by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and is already implemented in two Government schools there and there are ten more schools in the pipeline. The team at Playware has done ground breaking work in several computer games and allied technology projects for core curriculum education for the Ministry of Education in Singapore, Singapore Management University, SIM University and Center for Learning Innovation in Australia.

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