Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 4Di Experience

Matt's Diary

Today at school we went on great adventures in our learning lab!

During our Science lesson we went on a field trip to a rainforest in  Borneo.  I was very interested to learn more about the different types of animals, but my friend Siti wanted to learn all about the plants!  We took a lot of notes about what we each learned so we could share  later.

Our trip was even more special because we got to touch the animals or plants. When we touched them, we learned more about them. I got to hear the call of birds and a video about monkey behaviour. It even  rained-- and it got so cold in the lab!

Later during our History lesson we went back in time to WWII  Singapore. I got to control a Chinese merchant using my Personal Learning Device!  My classmate Shan who was absent also came with us using his computer  at home. Together we collected crates and solved a mystery. It was so awesome. I learned a lot about how people lived back then.

Of course, we didn't really go to all those places. We were using the 4Di system in our learning lab. It's an amazing way to travel to worlds we otherwise can't go to!

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