Thursday, February 23, 2012

PM3 Media

We believe that immersive, interactive systems like the 4Di present a completely new form of media. We have coined the term PM3 Media to represent the media experience in a 4Di Lab.

PM3 stands for:

Polyvalent: each user has a unique experience with the content which is especially designed to accommodate the users particular needs or tastes. The User Interface is designed to be sensitive to the context of the touch, the temporal context of the object in the simulation, the relational context of the object to other nearby objects as well as the learning context prescribed to the object etc. Therefore multiple independent messages and conclusions can be derived by interacting with the 4Di.

Multiuser: the 4Di is a social experience with support for up to 45 concurrent users. Users can influence the simulation in various different ways and can work independently, collaboratively or competitively (or in any other social configuration) amongst each other. The 4Di is the only system in the worked that can provide an experience of this kind in a physical space.

Multimodal: The 4Di engages with the users in multiple modes it has a 42 square meter interactive touch screen, multiple Microsoft surface stations, allows wireless connection with personal learning devices from within the lab as well as remote virtual connections over the internet and LAN. It also interprets the overall crowd behavior of the users which is used as a social indirect input and also effects the simulation. Beyond input it also engages with multiple senses of the user and transmits information through visual, audio and environmental cues.

Multimedia: The 4Di virtual environment and objects therein can be tagged to display a wide range of multimedia files including video, audio, text, pictures, quizzes, tests, games etc adopted to the preferred or recommended learning style and profile of the user.

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